Hexacopter V1 Build Final

November 15, 2018
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Flight tests are proving the hexacopter design is as good or better than I had hoped. I’m getting flight times over 20 minutes, using a pretty cheap battery, and carrying my knock off ‘Go Pro’ around. That’s not flying all that conservatively either. The frame is robust enough to handle flips, and some aggressive flying. The air-frame is able to handle some really hard impacts with objects as well. Parts list below videos.


More Flight test videos:
https://youtu.be/2fdSialGew0 – Pine Creek Canyon
https://youtu.be/qQjYznB6je8 – BLM Rock Outcropping
https://youtu.be/3uSyumxKA1k – BLM Desert Ditch


The main stages of frame fabrication are in Part 1: http://loyalorderofgoose.com/flying-things/multirotors/hexacopter-build-part-1/
The fiddling with radio, ESC, and cheapo to better 920kv motors Part 2: http://loyalorderofgoose.com/flying-things/multirotors/hexacopter-build-part-2/

Here is a video from the ground on a gloomy day, it shows the build nicely. It also shows some of its stability and flight capability. – https://youtu.be/u1eKwWOJDAM

Here is another on board camera video, of another test flight. – https://youtu.be/rQf3bBFrKVs

If you want to build your own, here is a comprehensive parts list below. A less comprehensive build list is published at RotorBuilds.


Omnibus F4 pro V3 Flight Controller

Omnibus F4 pro V3 Flight Controller

Beitian BN-880 Flight Control GPS

If you are going to use the above recommended flight control board, and I suggest you do, with iNav and GPS, this is a Glonass GPS, meaning you will get better GPS satellite acquisition. Beitian BN-880 Flight Control GPS


Racerstar 30a ESCs

Racerstar 30a ESCs I bought these for about $8 an esc on Banggood. I don’t think all 6 draw anywhere near the 30a or 40a burst. A 20a Racerstar ESCs like these would probably suffice for a dration and efficiency flier.


Racerstar 2212 920kv Motor

Racerstar 2212 920kv Motor These are actually 980kv, and a 4 pack. You need 6 if building a hex. Banggood, although slower has these in 920kv and cheaper.



APC 10x4.5 Props – Rigid and great performance.


Power Distribution Board

CC3D Power Distribution Board Sure Others exist, but thsi is one of the few board that seem to support 6 motors, and although this is a 3s setup, it will support up to 6s. It also provides a 12v and 5v source for powering flight control boards, and other components.


CF Tube for Motor Booms

Arris 12mm Carbon Fiber Tube (2pk) These are 2 packs. Each tube gets cut in half. So you need two packs, which will leave you with enough material for 2 replacement booms.


Bottom Frame Plate

Carbon Fiber Plate 200mm x 300mm x 2mm The photos I think are pretty straight forward, but leave me a comment and remind me to publish a link to the cad files.


Aluminum Tube Clamps

12mm Aluminum Tube Clamp (6pk) You need 12 of these 2 double up the ordering quantity.


Aluminum Motor Mounts

Aluminum Motor Mounts (4pk) You need 6, so to packs. You’ll be happy you have extras anyway.


2mm Bullet Connectors

20 Pairs 2mm Bullet Connector Gold-Plated 18 Pairs needed for 36 soldering joints. Makes motors easy to swap or reverse.


3s Batteries

3s 11.1v 3000 mAh 30C Floureon Battery Deans (2pk) These are no longer available on Amazon so check out the 5500mAh option. 3s 11.1v 5500 mAh 35C Floureon Battery XT60 (2pk) The 3000 mAh batteries gave 20 minute flight times. 5500 mAh should give an even greater flight time and more power with a 5C greater rating.


Voltage Warning Buzzer

C23212 LiPo Voltage Checker Warning Buzzer You can use the FC boards OSD to feed back info to an fpv goggle. But if you aren’t doing that… save your batteries, and get one of these.

  • Markus says:


    may you please tell me which kind of props you use? I have a quite similar setup and I am using 1238 props.


    • ben says:

      Hi Markus, I updated the list to include props. I use APC 10″x4.5 and sometimes 5.5 props. https://amzn.to/2Wd4HaK They are nice and stiff, which is what I think is helping with longer durations of flight, and actually pretty quiet.