Stoopid Cheap RC Glider

May 10, 2019
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Because more foamies more better right?

During a trip to Hobby Lobby I couldn’t resist purchasing a Maui brand foam glider with a 24″ wingspan for 6.99. I thought it would be a good platform for micro rc glider. I just needed to add a couple 3.7g micro servos, a battery, and an 4ch flysky micro RC receiver.

A few days later at Target I bought a 48″ wingspan Maui brand ‘Sky Rider’ foam glider, and planned to swap a battery, receiver with the tiny glider, but use slightly beefier 9 gram servos. If you don’t have a variety of servos lying around already, do yourself a favor and buy this 10 pack, of 9g servos for 17.99. You’ll start sticking them in everything you own. And why not? I chopped up the vertical stabilizer to make an elevator, carved up some slots in the foam for components, and hot glued things together. The hinges are nylon hinge material, but packaging tape works well too. I used standard hobby grade, control horns. To keep things light on both aircraft I used carbon fiber rod (.060″ I think?), in place of music wire.
The big guy and the micro… Both loads of fun.

Parts List:

Flysky FS-i6X 10CH Radio – Comes with a Receiver, but won’t be ultralight. A cheaper FS-i6 version exists for a few bucks less.
4ch flysky micro RC receiver – Ultralight ultra tiny RX
E-flite 500mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPo Battery – I have a 1s charger. If you don’t you’ll need one
4.2V 500mA USB Charger for 1S 3.7V JST LiPO Battery – if you, don’t already have one and need it.
3.7g micro servos – For a micro glider
buy this 10 pack, of 9g servos – For a larger glider
Control Horn (10 pack) – Makes life easier, can be fabricated from plastic or balsa.
Du-Bro 605 E-Z Connectors With Re-Usable Nylon Snap Ons Bulk (12-Pack) – makes all servo linkage simple to setup.

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