5.8G 48ch 25-600mw VTX Giveaway

November 22, 2018
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A few months back I received an OCDAY 25-600mW 5.8G 48CH 2S-6S FPV Video Audio Transmitter, by mistake. Since I am not using it, and
everyone else is trying to encourage you to spend your hard earned dollars this time of year, I figured I’d give it away.

See details below. It’s Steezy!

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Ideas for future posts:

  • 1: R/C Radio 433mhz HC-12 + STM32 processor
  • 2: ESP32 Home Monitoring and Automation + Logging data to your own LAMP stack
  • 3: Custom Endurance Quad Frame Design and Build
  • 4: LED/EL Micro Drone Racing Gates (probably funky and Arduino controller… adds proximity sensors for good times?)
  • 5: Bluetooth HC-05 Cat Collar Locator(for our dear leader Goose)

So leave a comment below, include a valid email to reach you, and let me know which interests you most from options 1 through 5 above. Or let me know what else you’d like to see me create and share in the IOT and hobbyist electronics space.

I’ll pick a winner for the giveaway at random from the comments.

I’ll cut off entries 10-15-2018. Hopefully I’ll get a feel for content direction in the process. Multiple comments don’t better your odds. Comments are manually approved. Don’t fret if your comment doesn’t show up instantly! Thanks

  • Gardenisto says:

    5: Bluetooth Collar
    2: Home monitoring.

    I would like to see some hydroponic or aquaponic monitoring. MAybe incorporate an automatic/remote feeding system.

    • ben says:

      Thanks for the comment. A remote monitoring and feeding system for a fish tank would be cool. I’ll keep it in mind.