Goose’s Favorite Board Games

November 24, 2018
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Goose’s picks are base on firsthand game play with friends and family. They are ranked top down, left to right by Goose’s rating(LOoG). Amazon ratings(Amz) were also added for comparison. There are no dudes on the list. They really are all great board games, but a few shine above the rest. The list will be updated as more games get played by the Loyal Order of Goose.

Pandemic – 4.7 Amz, 4.8 LOoG

Z-Man Games: 19.99 on Amazon(11/23)
2-4 Players, Cooperative
Game Time: 60 minutes
Updated version of the popular co-operative game. Save the world from a deadly outbreak, cooperatively strategize how to mitigate and control a pandemic. Great base game, and expansions(other editions) exist.

Splendor – 4.8 Amz, 4.7 LOoG

Asmodee: 35.85 on Amazon
Ages 10 and up
Number of Players: 2 to 4
Game Time: 30 minutes
Challenging economic theme, gem buying. Quick fun.

Ticket To Ride Rails and Sails – 4.6 Amz, 4.6 LOoG

Days of Wonder: 69.99 on Amazon
Ages 10 and up
2-4 Players
Game Time: Averages about 30 minutes per player of play time
An update to the original version, not just an expansion. Extends map to transatlantic travel. New ship cards and plastic ships.

Elder Sign – 4.4 Amz, 4.6 LOoG

Fantasy Flight Games: 27.49 on Amazon
Ages 12 and up
1-8 Players, Cooperative
Standard game duration of 1-2 hours
Lovecraftian horror. Innovative dice mechanics and cards, with health and sanity management.

Catan – 4.4 Amz, , 4.5 LOoG

Catan Studios: 42.50 on Amazon
Ages 10 and up
3-4 Players, 60 minute playing time
Tons of replay value
Has interesting graphics, board and cards. Acquire resources and build infrastructure. Economic competition theme. Great base game, and expansions exist.

Forbidden Desert – 4.7 Amz, 4.4 LOoG

Gamewright: 23.35 on Amazon
Ages 10 and up
2-5 Players, Cooperative
Game Time: 45 minutes
Thirst for Survival. Board game changes, and stays challenging and hard to predict. Work together to find parts to build a ship and escape.

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