Puffy Lipo Battery Storage

August 18, 2018
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I needed to get a puffy Lipo battery storage box for safety reasons. Lipo batteries don’t get super excited about hard ‘landings’ and impacts with solid objects at speed. The damage if not instantly catastrophic, deforms the battery pack and makes them puff up. I’ve seen them go from looking suspect to baloons over short perioeds of time left unattended. Since these can be a ticking time bomb until safely discharged to 0v and disposed of, I decided to stick them in an ammo can with the lid latched but ajar. I used a metal milspec ammo box like this one, Ammo box on the Amazons..

Now I can be negligent and take my sweet ass time properly discharging the battery. Safety 3rd!

Check out this puffy Lipo battery…
bad lipo storage

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