Hexacopter Build Part 2

June 28, 2018
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Its The Brains of This Operation. Omnibus F4 AIO, NeoBlox GPS, HC-12, and iNav.

I’ve decided to scrap the NRF24 wireless transceivers for 433mhz HC-12 (SI4463) wireless transceivers. I have a few good reasons which are beyond the scope of my hexacopter post, and because most people will use a commercial transmitter and receiver. If you are interested in why I have done this, check out this post: HC-12 RC Transceiver.

The major differences between the quadcopter and the hexacopter are obvious. 2 more motors, and 2 more ESCs. However, the additional motors forced me to find a new PDB. Fortunately, I found one that has a 30mm hole spacing. I’ve also upgraded the FC to an Omnibus AIO F3 which also shares 30mm mounting hole spacing and can run iNav. The neoblox GPS module I am using also has 30mm hole spacing, so my electronics stack should be nice and compact. Check out the parts list, and assemby photos below.

Electronics Parts List

PartManufacturerWeight GramsQTYApproximate PriceBuy It Linky

F4 Pro V3 Built-In OSD, Baro, BlackBox SD Omnibus 1 $26.49 Available at Amazon
CC3D NAZE32 F3 Power Distribution Board NA 1 $5.94 Available at Amazon
30a ESC lites Racerstar 6 $6.99
Available at Amazon
2212 1000KV Brushless Racerstar 6 $4.99