Tiny Whoop Motor Problem

January 24, 2019Multirotors
Uneven throttling up on single Tiny Whoop motor.Read More

HC-05 Arduino Bluetooth Cat Locator

June 23, 2018Wireless Communication
We made Goose a bluetooth collar out of an HC-05 and a 3v Arduino. Its sort of like a primitive avalanche beacon, or glorified keyfinder. Read More

Power Arduinos, STM32s and Other MCUs

December 29, 2018Hobby Electronic Projects
During testing, it may be enough to power the MCU from the onboard voltage regulators, and peripherals from a lab bench supply, but…Read More

TS100 Soldering Iron

December 28, 2018IoT & Electronic Bits
The TS100 is a must for anybody who’s ever soldered anything. Even if you have a nice soldering station already.Read More

DIY Brushed Tiny Whoop

December 6, 2018Multirotors
A DIY Brushed Tiny Whoop with performance and affordability in mind. The most affordable platform for an FPV Tiny Whoop is the …Read More

Racerstar 2212 920kv Motors

September 15, 2018Flying Things
Upgraded the budget 1000kv motors with Racerstar 2212 920kv motors .Read More

IR Night Vision Camera

January 6, 2019Hobby Electronic Projects
Who doesn’t want a night vision camera?! I’ve been sitting on a lens without an IR filter, and some IR LED boards to build an IR Night Vision Camera for a while now.Read More

Hexacopter V1 Build Final

November 15, 2018Flying Things
The hexacopter design is as good or better than I had hoped. 20 minute flight times on cheapo batts, and enough power and robustness to do some light acro stuff. Read More

HC-12 RC Transceiver

October 23, 2018Wireless Communication
I built an RC transmitter and receiver with an HC-12, because why the #!@K 3.3v when you can 5v in a better package?Read More

Your ESCs or Motors might not be bad

September 19, 2018Flying Things
It might not be your motors! You may just need to re-flash your ESCs using BLHeli Suite.Read More